Baby & Children & Mother Goods Zone
Baby & Children & Mother Goods Marketplace is for retailers and wholesalers to sell and promote baby, children, and mother related products, brands, and services.
Education Zone
Education Zone is the platform for everyone involved in producing and teaching educational content, schools and digital platform providers. The event welcomes professionals and organizations in education industry.
Mother Leadership & Entrepreneurship Zone
Mother Leadership & Entrepreneurship Summit provides inspirational speakers, training and skill-building components designed to increase tools and applicable strategies for encouraging women to become leader as well as business field.
Health & Well-being Zone
Health Well-being Zone introduce the healthcare and safety related services, products, and clinics to provides comprehensive healthcare advices and consultations for dental care, pediatric care, gynecology, audiometry , and others with medical experts for baby, children, and parents.
Food & Beverage Zone
Food & Beverage Zone provides primarily local and international gourmet fine food and beverages and engage with producers, manufacturers, distributors and their customers by creating a series of activities. The competition will attract some of the finest Middle Eastern and International chefs to compete at the show.
Character Zone
Character Zone the platform for animation character in the UAE offering great opportunities to experience animation and characters.