Form # Item Cut-off date E-mail
Online Forms -Catalogue Entry
-Products and Services Index
-Exhibitor Badges
-Fascia Name
20th April 2017
Raw Space Guidelines
1 to 5 Space Only Stand Forms
-Space Only Stand
-Performance Bond
-Letter of Undertaking
-Exhibition Stand Structure
20th April 2017
6 Advertising-Official Catalogue – upon request 20th April 2017
7 Furniture / Display Aids Order 20th April 2017
8 Electrical Order Form 20th April 2017
9 Audio Visual Requirement Form 20th April 2017
10 Shipping Instructions and Handling Tariff 20th April 2017
11 3 Day Event Stand Cleaning Services Order  20th April 2017
12 Stand Catering Services Order Form 20th April 2017
13 Data & Telecom Services Order Form 20th April 2017
15 Stand Security Coverage Form 20th April 2017


Please note:

  • In order to avoid any delay on the services, please follow the instructions and submit requirements on time.
  • Late exhibitors after the stipulated cut-off date must submit all the required forms immediately.
  • Stand Design and Electrical Requirements have to be provided within the cut-off date.


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